What should we put in our ‘About’ pages? ย  Too much can appear like you’re full of yourself and too little may look as if you don’t have enough to say to keep people interested. ย I’m opting for some basic facts with a few ‘what I enjoy‘s’ thrown in and hope it’s enough to keep you reading and, hopefully, visiting again.

So, I’m Vanessa and I’m really glad you’re here looking round. ย I am…

A mother of five – 2 sons, 3 daughters, ย and a Nanny to two – one of each.

A student with the Open University studying for a psychology degree.

A newbie crafter ๐Ÿ˜

An administrator taking care of the paperwork for my husband’s (our) groundworks business.

A spiritual director/prayer guide and team member for a spiritual formation course.

A facilitator for Peaced Together, a course to help women move from a place of brokenness to beauty.

I enjoy…

Crafting in the form of Folk Art, Mosaics, Machine and hand embroidery, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Card making.

Family get-togethers, especially impromptu BBQ’s, eating out, and drinking lovely wines while in good company.

Running (ahem!!!), when I can get off my butt to do so, I really enjoy the fresh air and the sense of having done something good for my wellbeing – I just don’t do it often enough, oops!

I’m looking forward to…

Getting to know you all.

Perfecting the crafts I’ve recently learnt about, learning ย new ones and sharing them with you.